How to Make an Easy and Beautiful Fruit Platter

How to Make an Easy and Beautiful Fruit Platter

June 29, 2018 0 By Hiddenfoods

What’s better than a tray filled with pretty and juicy fruit to freshen up these summer days?!? 

Whether it’s a big summer party, or a simple get-together. It’s a breezy morning, a hot afternoon, or a starry evening. At the pool, at the beach, at a park … You name it. Anytime and anywhere, a fruit platter that looks this pretty is hard to resist. 

You could say… it’s just fruit. Yes, it sure is. It’s delicious, sun-kissed ripe fruit I got from Milk and Eggs (delivered for free at my door!). And “just fruit” is simply perfect. It’s healthy, it’s pretty, it’s colorful, it’s refreshing and naturally sweet. 
As I mentioned before, Milk and Eggs offers an amazing variety of farm fresh, organic, locally sourced fruit and veggies. But not only. Make sure to take a look at their site. And here  you can get $20 off your first order. No subscription necessary, and free delivery in LA and Orange Counties. Enjoy 🙂

Now, here it is! My 7-seconds stop motion video that shows you how fast you can turn a delicious bag of fresh fruit into a refreshing party tray that everyone will want to gets their hands on. Simple, yet beautiful. 

For a final touch – carve one or two kiwis into stars, and amaze your guests with your cutting and decorating skills. But don’t tell our secret – you actually don’t need any super-knife-power to pull this off. Just a sharp, carving knife (one of those small and pointy). And my video of course, with simple instructions on how to do it. Ready to try it too?!? I know you want to 🙂